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From: Kate Wilson
Subject: girls nite out***this is the same author of sleepover discovery***this story is not true----------------------------------------------------------------------
Girls Nite Out
Kate Wilson
Laura, 41, was a single mom of 2 girls. Kristy, 14, and Jannie, 15.
They both went to the same High School, and were like best-friends. They
shared a room, because Laura's husband never paid child support so they
lived in an appartment. Laura had already had the birds and the bees
chat with them when they were 10. So they knew. But one night she
figured, she better tell them about aids, condoms and safe sex. Neither
of them have been on the date, and they both are beatiful girls.
She called the girls down, and told them tonight they were going to
stay home and watch movies. Laura went to the adult video store and got
some videos about sex and condoms. She also, just for jokes, rented a
lesbian movie. She'd watch it after the girls went to bed.
When she got home the girls were in the living room with their pajamas pre teens tits

on, boxers and a t-shirt. She started to talk about, how neither of them
have been on a date, but then one of the movies droped and Kristy picked
it up.
"Safe Sex in the 90's? Mom? Whats going on?"asked Kristy. Okay girls.
Well, back in my age we didnt have to worry about condoms, aids, and all
these diseases and I want us to watch these movies, a Girls Nite Out.
And afterwards I have a surprise.
During the movie, it showed pics of vaganias and penises. Laura caught
her self rubbing her vagania when a very graphic picture of one came on.
She also noticed Janie doing the same. The video showed how to put
condoms on and practing safe sex.
The next video was called The Female. About the females sex organs,
vagiana,masturbation, monthly period, and every important detail on how
to not get pregnant when not wanted. After about 6 vagina pictures, 3
masturbation parts, and several nude pre teen pic
female pics Laura was about to
masturbate herself. The girls seemed instrested, so she left it on.
After the both videos, the girls were quite impressed of what they
learned and saw. Neither girl had a bra on and Laura could see both of
their nipples hard and sticking pre teen girlsnude
She asked them "Did they ever show you a vagania in sex ed?" to her
children and they said no. She said she would be write back. She went to
her room and got some KY Jelly, her didlo, and her vibrator. She put
them in her robe.
She went back and saw the girls watching part of The Female video where
2 females are together. She asked them, "Do you want to try that, kiss a
girl or touch someone else?" They looked at Laura like she was crazy and
then they looked at each other, then the others breasts, they both had
pretty big size for their age. They nodded quietly and took their
clothes off.
Laura, told them to sit on the couch pre teen sexy pic
and watch her do a strip tease.
She then told them about the dildo and vibrator, what it was and its
use. She told the girls to lay on the floor with their legs spread open,
she showed them. She then showed them how she masturbated and there was
cum all over the carpet.
She went over to Jannie, and started to finger her vagina. She moved
her hand up and down, Jannie moaned lightly. Laura spot was her clit,
(button) so she rubbed and touched that and started to finger fuck her.
In less than 5 minutes she had an orgasim and was cumming everywhere.
She told Jannie to do this to Kristy. While she was doing that. pre teen art gallery Laura
put some KY jelly on her pussy and stuck the dildo in. She then came up
behind Jannie and fucked her. Jannie fell back on top of her. (back to
stomach) Kristy came over and was amazed at the site. She bent down and
start sucking Jannie's nipples while Laura fucked her. She petted the dk
brown hair around her red vagina. Laura stopped and took it out. There
was blood everywhere. It was her first time to have something hard pre teen porn models being
pushed far up, so she bled.
Kristy came over to petite pre teen pics her mom, and wanted to look at her. So she spread
the lips of the vagina out and looked around. She saw that her mom was
cumming a mess, so she licked it up, her pre teens naturist mom was bucking her hips, but
Kristy didnt stop. Laura was saying something,
Kristy grabed the dildo, the same one that Laura used on Jannie and
didnt wipe it off. She stuffed pre teen sex download it in her and then in her mom. And pushed pre teens underage girl
it back and forth. Laura was in pain of delight. She loved it. After a
few minutes. Laura took the vibrator and put it in Krisy's vagina.
Kristy loved it, she sucked her mothers breasts while her vagina was
wetting all over.
She hasn't sucked her mom's breasts pre teen breast porn
for a long time not pre teen panty pic since she was a
little girl. All 3 spent the whole night together, playing with each
other watching the videos. Even later that night, Laura went out and got
3-some videos and more pre teen young illegal lesbian videos and they tried each position.
After there was cum and blood every where, they watched each other
masturbate. They were all in heaven.
please send any comments to Kate at
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